Orientation spaces for learning events

Deployed: 9-3-2021


  • Acclimate users with the Hubs platform, interface, and interactions
  • Demonstrate necessary skills to interact with the subsequent learning event
  • Practice controls for different types of interactions


  • How to navigate the hubs platform


Our custom-built introductory Hubs spaces were designed to cover the types of interactions necessary for the subsequent learning event. Orientation events have been deployed both immediately and a few days before a learning event for both desktop and VR based sessions.

Tron Room

  • Desktop
  • Deployed immediately before Heart-Desktop, link to heart found at the end of the tutorial

Banksy Escape Hallway

  • Desktop
  • Deployed immediately before GI Escape Room, link to escape room found at the end of the tutorial
  • Emphasis on hidden links and interacting with objects

Lakeside Pipes

  • VR
  • Deployed a few days before Pterygopalatine Fossa and Heart-VR learning events
  • Emphasis on looking around in the VR headset and familiarity with controls

Lakeside Modular

  • VR
  • Deployed a few days before VR learning event
  • Emphasis on practicing interactions in VR
  • Modular design allows for selection of relevant tasks for each learning event

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